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Race Report, Part Two: Running And Running And Finishing

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson I got off the bike feeling like a million bucks, ready to burn my shoes and the bike itself, but still on top of the world. I took a longer time in transition than I intended, making sure everything was just-so and going to the bathroom a couple of times, and then […]

Race Report, Part One: Thunder, Lightning, Swim, and Bike

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson The moment the alarm went at 3:15 on Sunday morning, I was fully alert, my first thought clear and immediate: I’m awake to do the Ironman. I am awake to do the Ironman. I went through the tasks I had on my list: drink water, drink yerba mate, make oatmeak, poop […]

Conceived At A Holiday Inn

adventure by Shannon Thompson I was sitting in a bleak conference room at the Holiday Inn near the airport in Bangor last week, buckled in to a 9-hour session of continuing education for real estate brokers, when I hatched my plan to survive embrace December. It doesn’t come naturally: I fight with the cold, bristle at the clutter of […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #3983

Recently posted to Facebook: As I was rushing around this morning before heading to Portland to take a final, I passed a man with double transfemoral amputations, riding a mountain bike up a hill on rt.90, in the rain. I was moved to tears, not out of sadness but in awe of his strength and […]

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