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Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Stammen About this painting: This past weekend was a beauty! I spent most of Sunday exploring the Damariscotta Peninsula for the first time. At the end of a hike into a sun-dappled preserve toward the shore, Jonathan broke out his climbing gear and bouldered above the high tide. The metamorphic rock formation […]

Yellow Climber On Yellow Wall

photographs and text by Atlantic Climbing School Here are some great photos of a full day of climbing with Jim. We spent the morning at Otter Cliffs and the afternoon at the Precipice. We climbed 13 pitches in total! Thanks Jim for a great day on the rocks!

The Outsider Paints Outsiders

paintings by Jessica Stammen This summer has been a busy one! Swimming, SUPing, biking, hiking, sailing…even testing gear for North Face in Acadia! (More on that soon.) I will be back to writing soon, but for now images will replace words.¬†All paintings are oil on panel. See more at

Baby Peregrine Falcons

photograph, video and text by Atlantic Climbing School On June 1st ACS owner Eli Simon along with ACS guide Grant Simmons assisted Acadia National Park staff in banding three juvenile peregrine falcons. These birds are the fastest animal on the planet and can dive up to 250 mph! They commonly nest on exposed cliffs, which […]

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