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More Light

photo by Joseph Sortwell

Tuesday 207: Two Stars, A Few Stripes

painting by Jessica Ives If we could destroy custom at a blow and see the stars as a child sees them, we should need no other apocalypse. G.K. Chesterton Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history. Ray Merritt All of us have moments in out lives that test our […]

Coast Walk 2 Still Life

photographs and text by Jennifer Steen Booher Coast Walk 2: from the Town Beach to Cromwell Harbor; January 6-10, 2015 From left to right, top to bottom: Hovering above: plastic ring, sea glass Row 1: young Blue Mussels (Mytilus edulis), Northern Rock Barnacle (Semibalanus balanoides), more mussels Row 2: granite beach stone, Corallina officinalis, plastic marker […]

Back to the beach

photographs by Jim Dugan who has been photographing the same beach for over 20 years.

The View From Mount Battie On Sunday

photograph by Jim Dugan Editor’s note: Jim swears he could see me when I took the photo shared in the previous post — and from the looks of his clear and sparkling photo above, I think maybe he did! “I could see Monhegan from the top of Mt. Battie today. I THOUGHT that was you out there.” Here’s to the […]

For me, feeling insignificant is synonymous with freedom

photograph by Matthew Mychack

Coast Is Clear

photo, text, and coffee by Dan Dishner Good Morning from the Coast of Maine. Woke up to a nice 24 degrees this morning. Time to get back to work. My how time flies when you are having fun. Black&Blonde in my cup today, one of my favorite ways to make coffee, light/dark. Enjoy the day. — […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #597

Island hopping friends and enjoying the last days of summer: (Photo credit: Anna Wind)

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