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Winter Color

paintings by Jessica Stammen exhibition by Gleason Fine Art Mitch Billis, Andrea Peters, Phil Barter, Peter Sculthorpe, Tom Curry, Jessica Stammen.  February 6 through March 29, 2014 31 Townsend Ave., Boothbay Harbor To those who have never experienced Maine’s longest season, “winter” is synonymous with the absence of color. However, for the artists who live […]

Scenes From A Walk

photographs and text by Lisa Dorr of Le Bouton Studio today i brought the camera with me. i try to walk ayer ridge road a few times a week. so pretty, and so quiet. look at these colors! xx

Close To Ready

photographs and text by Lisa Dorr of Le Bouton Studio beginning again from the beginning. infant, and small child. i am designing a new line! i hope to debut it in a new shop site! these pieces are the base collection. i wanted to make very simple shapes, without the gew-gaws that seem to overwhelm […]

Docked In Friendship

painting and text by Colin Page I spent the day painting in Friendship last week and was happy to have this lobster boat park himself right in front of what I wanted to paint. I did check with the lobsterman to make sure he wasn’t just tempting me with a fun scene before driving off […]

Little Yellow & Green Salad

photographs and text by Megan Bedford Sometimes I wait too long to make my lunch, and I turn into an evil Jekyll of myself, tearing through kitchen cabinets, greedily slicing off hunks of cheese, and messily assembling weird meals in a kind of delusional haste. Yesterday I had one such hunger squall, but managed to […]

Rain Crow

poem by Dave Morrison Rain Crow Rain runs down black crow’s back, drips from his beak. He waits. He is high in the branches of a lightning-blasted tree, a tree shaped like an upside-down pear with a bite taken out. He waits. Below and to the east the river chews at its banks, rainwater the […]

Boatyard Abstraction

photographs by Gregory Dunham Happy New Year from The Maine. May we all take a cue from artist Gregory Dunham, transforming the old with eyes that search out new and undiscovered beauty.

In This Playground: In Praise of Watercolor

The Maine is excited to share pages from Marcie Jan Bronstein’s recently published Fotoplay!, a unique prompt book for children. Each page begins with a photograph or fragments of photographs that invite the reader’s imagination to play on, play with and play off-of. Enjoy glimpses of the resulting creativity here, or visit the gallery on Marcie’s website for […]

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