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Roller Derby Huddle

photo by Jim Dugan Rockland photographer Jim Dugan was covering the Rock Coast Rollers’ Coastal Chaos roller derby tournament in Rockport last week. He was returning to the building when he saw this scene: the Rock Coast team huddling before a game. “My favorite derby photo so far, with no skates, outside in natural light. […]

This Is What Conservation Looks Like

video by Land For Maine’s Future Coalition   For more than two decades, the Land for Maine’s Future Program has helped citizens protect the character of their towns and open spaces: Maine voters established the Land for Maine’s Future Program to secure public access for recreation, to conserve our most important habitats, to preserve Maine’s farming […]

Garbage To Garden

photograph and text by Emily Qualey I got to ride along with Lee on his East End Garbage To Garden route!  As a lifelong composter (I even dragged my vermiculture worms to Portland last year), I am extraordinarily PUMPED I to be working with this crew. Every last detail of this business is rooted in the spirit of […]

Next Goal Ties

photographs and text by Jonathan Ives Every winter The Carpenter’s Boat Shop sets up a hockey rink on a small pond in New Harbor. Built with 2x6s screwed into a 2×4 base, the height of the rink is just enough to keep the puck in and the snow out. Still, it’s a lot of work […]


photograph and text by Jonathan Ives Standing at the edge of the float, watching my diamond jig dance in the black water was making my neck hurt. “You gettin’ a few?” a man asked, and I turned to see Kendrick standing beside me. He was short, with a small brown mustache. Despite the summer heat […]

The Herd

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson We were rolling by 5 this morning, the light coming up just enough to brush the world with color, the air crisp and full of birdsong. There was little traffic on the roads, only a handful of builders in their pickups headed to early jobs, offering us a rare chance to talk a […]

Worth It To Wave

text by Jonathan Ives Every day I commute down a ten mile peninsula, from the town of Damariscotta to the small village of Pemaquid. Leaving at the same time each morning allows me to drive past many of the people I grew up with. The question I have each morning: who do I wave to? My […]

Community At Work

via Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Spring in Maine. Time to plant gardens, and, best of all, launch boats. We’ve seen quite a few pass by outside our office windows on the way to various midcoast launching ramps. Owners of existing boats are getting them ready, either sanding and painting themselves, or “supervising” work at […]

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