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Former Florida Man

overheard in portland Older lady, to group of people at bus stop: “Well, I lived in Florida once, and I wasn’t so crazy about it…” Older man, interrupting loudly: “I lived in Florida for two years, and I hated every single minute of it!” (Overheard at the bus stop in front of the Back Cove […]

Mrs. Baldwin

overheard in portland Teenage girl: “Mrs. Baldwin?” Older woman: “Oh dear.” Girl: “What are you doing here?” Mrs. Baldwin: “I won’t tell if you don’t.” (Overheard in the middle of a school day at Target in South Portland)

Everyone Loves The Beach

Overheard In Portland Woman #1: “I can’t believe that she even dated someone who doesn’t like the beach.” Woman #2: “Does she really like going to the beach?” Woman #1: “EVERYONE LOVES THE BEACH.” Woman #2: “He doesn’t.” Woman #1: “That’s my point–he is the exception.” (Overheard by JR on Temple Street)

Maybe She’s Thinking Of Marigolds

via Overheard In Portland Enthusiastic middle-aged tourist lady, examining a gross-looking seagull feather on the sidewalk: “Who needs to go to India where they throw roses? There are feathers everywhere!” (Overheard by ZWH on Congress Street)

Process Of Elimination

via Overheard In Portland Boy (to father): “Is this City Hall?” Father: “Yes.” Boy (to me, waiting in line to pay parking ticket): “Are you the Mayor?” Me: “No, sorry.” Boy (to father): “I am going to keep asking. Someone in this building has to be the Mayor.” (Overheard by Mayor JR at Portland City Hall)

We All Have Our Reasons: #58

Polly Saltonstall reminds us:  Standing at the checkout counter at a local greenhouse, I hear the woman in front of me asking how to get rid of this weed in her garden. As she describes it, she and the clerk flip through books trying to identify this “pest.” They stop at the page with sorrel. […]

Hate Crime

via Overheard In Portland Woman, earnestly: “I like those wood carvings, but I feel that they are a hate crime against trees.” (Overheard by JR at First Friday Art Walk)


via Overheard In Portland 30-year-old-nerdish guy to bored-looking 70-year-old-lady: “You know, if you asked me what my favorite type of 18th-century sailing ship is, I’d have to say…a Bermuda-rigged topsail sloop.” (Overheard by BD on the Metro bus)

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