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Which They All Promptly Did

via Overheard In Portland Father, to sons: “Now lift up your arms, and let the wind rush into your armpits!” (Overheard by DM in front of the Nickelodeon)

We All Have Our Reasons: Easter Edition

From facebook-land: More moments in Maine. This time, grocery store. Express lane. Me: cereal, honey, Drano. 50-ish yr old man in front of me: two cases of Miller Genuine Draft, ground beef, cheese, hard taco shells, salsa.  Maine: (Actually doesn’t say a word, just turns and stares/possibly glares? at me.) Me, nervous: “So, beer and […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #2239

Overheard in Portland: Man to woman: “It’s cute in San Francisco. It’s not cute in Portland, Maine.” Woman to man: “Patrick! Yes it is!” (Overheard by IWH on Exchange Street)

We All Have Our Reasons: #1023

Recently Overheard in Portland: Woman (buying two pumpkins, a peck of apples, and cider) : “I just love fall!” Man behind counter: “Fall is all right, I just don’t like what comes next.” Woman: “You could say the same about living, and I try to enjoy that.” (Overheard by JR at the Westbrook Farmer’s Market)

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