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The Maine Coast Craft School

photo by Jonathan Ives The Maine Coast Craft School Philosophy: A useful, every-day item, such as a spoon, bowl or chair, made by the hands of the person using it or by someone they love, will bring enduring joy and meaning to ordinary tasks. Handmade objects, even very simple ones, are ambassadors of inspiration, artistic expression […]

Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Stammen My husband tells me that there’s a saying in boat building: “Leave it as long as you can, for as long as you can.” At The Carpenter’s Boat Shop they leave their transoms long until the sides of a vessel are fastened. Then they bend a batten and shape the transom into […]

Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Stammen It’s golden hour at The Carpenter’s Boat Shop in Pemaquid, Maine. The afternoon light illuminates the space between Jonathan and Will as they fit the stern thwart in a Monhegan Skiff. One more hour of work before the day is done. Two more weeks of work until the skiff is done. […]

8 Maine Artisans I’m Supporting This Holiday Season – Artfull Gifts Show 2013

text by Jess Smith Hello, my name is Jess Smith and I am a craft show widow. For the past few weeks my husband has been living in his studio (which, luckily, is at our house) in preparation for the Artfull Gifts holiday craft show. It’s an annual, weekend-long show featuring 50 high-end Maine artisans and this was his […]

Lilac Spoon

wooden spoon, photograph and text by Justin Gove During a heavy snow the winter before last, a large limb dropped from my parent’s beloved lilac bush. A sad day for mom, but one that provided my father and me with a surplus of spoon wood. Lilac is a twisted, cracked, difficult wood to carve; but […]

Wassookeag Moccasins: The Rolls Royce Of Footwear

text and interview by Steve Vose I am regularly impressed by the quality of Maine based products found throughout the state. You certainly do not have to look very far to find skilled craftsmen plying their trade out of small shops, building superior pieces of handmade merchandise. These individuals have honed their skills over decades […]

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