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American Crow

photo by Brian Willson

Book Of Days

haikus by Kristen Lindquist Early Morning, Sound Of Feathers I hear wings flapping but fall back asleep too tired yet for the divine. Just Before Dawn Just before dawn a single crow caws– I’m not the only one awake. Sounds Like Spring End of summer– in the backyard phoebe calling again. Night Bells Buoy bell […]

American Crow

photographs by Brian Willson For many years I’ve marveled at how crows come in threes—and wondered why. Are they a mating pair and a young adult, their offspring? Are they siblings? Buddies? Cousins? Someone has probably done research on all this, but all I know is the crows often come in threes.


text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist I mow the back yard only a few times a season, generally preferring to let the ferns and wildflowers flourish. Yesterday was a mowing day, and at least one creature besides myself seemed grateful for the shorn grass. While I watch from inside single crow calmly picks through mown […]

Rain Crow

poem by Dave Morrison Rain Crow Rain runs down black crow’s back, drips from his beak. He waits. He is high in the branches of a lightning-blasted tree, a tree shaped like an upside-down pear with a bite taken out. He waits. Below and to the east the river chews at its banks, rainwater the […]

Crows On The Ice

photograph and text by Brian Willson Overslept on account of my cold. Then soon found myself in the middle of a frantic sort of work day. Finally tore myself away after things settled down, just about the time clouds slipped into the sky. Kind of late in the day to see any birds at Beech […]

First Birds

photograph, text, and haiku by Kristen Lindquist At the start of each new year, I like to keep track of the first birds I see. When I got up, a crow flew through the backyard, sweeping past like a shadow against the snow. Nothing new there. Later, on a long snowshoe hike at the Ducktrap […]

Four Crows

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist Leaving work after a long day I looked up to see four crows hanging out in the snag at the end of the parking lot. That dead tree is popular with birds. I’ve seen eagles, ospreys, blue jays, and flycatchers all perch there at one time or another, as […]

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