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God Bless My Farmers

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson Been a while since I did a food post, mainly because no one wants to read about how to eat chunks of tofu dipped in soy sauce standing over the stove picking the broccoli out of the steamer with burning fingers, followed by two bowls of granola with hemp milk in bed. […]

Too Cold To Eat On The Dock Tonight

photograph by Linda Zeigler

We All Have Our Reasons: #347

a recent status by Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors editor Polly Saltonstall  Yesterday’s warm sunshine put me in such a good mood I made risotto for dinner with bacon and some of the huge leeks I’ve been growing in the garage all winter, topped with fresh eggs from neighbors. The icing on the cake was opening the window […]

A Special Restaurant

In the cutest cabin by a pond, with peepers all around. A surprise celebration for a woman who moved to Maine twenty years ago and who has inspired student creativity through color, thread, and theater. You might not be able to eat the scenery, but you can eat everything at Antonia’s “special restaurant.”

Maine Farmland Trust