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Am I There Yet?

photograph by Josh Nagel Perhaps…

Conceived At A Holiday Inn

adventure by Shannon Thompson I was sitting in a bleak conference room at the Holiday Inn near the airport in Bangor last week, buckled in to a 9-hour session of continuing education for real estate brokers, when I hatched my plan to survive embrace December. It doesn’t come naturally: I fight with the cold, bristle at the clutter of […]

My Waking Dream

poem by Dave Morrison My waking dream from last night was that I pushed up from the bed and swam up through the ceiling through the crawl space and roof, pushing solid things aside as if they were reeds, and somewhere around 100 feet I broke through and took a big delicious breath. It was […]

Dream Muffins With Rosemary

text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove I have no business inventing recipes for baked goods. I am an inexperienced and impatient baker, and my assets as a cook, such as an inclination to omit or improvise ingredients and eyeball measurements, frequently sabotage my efforts as a baker. Yet, I am about to present my own […]


text and poem by Kristen Lindquist Since childhood I’ve had recurring nightmares about water–rogue waves about to carry me under, storms creating waves so high they creep up over the bank and across the lawn to carry away my grandparents’ house, roads or paths flooded and impassable so I’m stranded with water all around me… […]

River Run

paintings, photographs and text by Jessica Stammen The other night I had a dream. I was paddling on a river. It was not too wide, but also not small enough to be a stream. I was with two friends – a woman and a man, an old friend and a new. We were very near […]

Dreams And Synchronicity

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist This one’s a bit arcane. Last night I dreamed I was editing a document for my director. He had a word in the document, “nouses,” that I questioned him about. I thought he was trying to write the plural of the French word “nous” or “we.” Remember, this is […]

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