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On The Trail

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist Paul and I birded along the Ducktrap River this morning. In the streamside mud, two tiny animal tracks. We’ll never know more.

First Birds

photograph, text, and haiku by Kristen Lindquist At the start of each new year, I like to keep track of the first birds I see. When I got up, a crow flew through the backyard, sweeping past like a shadow against the snow. Nothing new there. Later, on a long snowshoe hike at the Ducktrap […]

Fishbox Guitar

originally posted by J.P Fecteau for Ducktrap River Of Maine We received the following photo and story from a loyal Ducktrap River customer who loves our products and is also musician!  We thought you would enjoy this: “I used to work in upstate New York as a seafood manager and would get your delicious products sometimes packed […]

Smoking Seafood Is An Art

originally posted by J.P Fecteau for Ducktrap River Of Maine Around 1979, Des Fitzgerald, the founder of Ducktrap River of Maine constructed his first smoke house, a small building about the size of an outhouse on his property along the Kendall Brook in Lincolnville. He buried an old wood stove in the ground of the […]

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