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Empress Of The Innertube

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson Somehow, with all the miles I’ve put on in the last 7 years, I’ve only had one flat tire, and at the time I was only a mile away from my destination so I hitched a ride back and let some guy deal with it. See, as independent as I am, I […]

The Long Run

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson This is the big weekend, long bike Saturday followed by long run Sunday. I have a rigorous week to come, but then my taper starts. All the hay is in the barn, as they say. Oh shit, I say. This is as good as I’m going to get. I will have to […]

An Independence Day Parade Sandwich

iron mantra by Shannon Thompson Three weeks to race day, my last long ride. With my late start on training, I’ve been building volume unusually quickly, paying extra attention to my body and crossing fingers and toes that I don’t get injured. Coach Scott had me scheduled for a 5-hour ride, but I felt I needed […]

112 Miles, Bangor & Back

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson Bike ride to Bangor @scsmaine #paulbunyan #feltbicycles #longride #ironmantraining #sidecountrysports

Gear Drop-off And A Total Freakout

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson I can’t believe how scared I am. Holy shit. My anxiety is off the charts, and it’s over something that is actually of no consequence whatsoever. That’s the part that makes me laugh and keeps me relatively sane. It’s all so freaking absurd, really it is. I mean, COME ON. Yes, yes, […]

Miss Fussbudget Goes Bicycling

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson As a kid, when I was especially cranky, my parents would threaten to throw Miss Fussbudget in the nearest major river. Exactly which one depended on where we lived; in the Michigan years it was the Detroit River; in St. Louis, the Mississippi. I don’t know where Miss F. ended up when we […]

Why I think I’ll Finish

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson This photo. It makes me sob. Literally: gasping, shaking, streaming tears of relief and joy. I can FEEL that finish line in my cells.  Sometimes on my runs, I’ll find myself envisioning the finish, and I can hear the announcer: “Shannon Thompson of Camden, Maine, congratulations! You…are…an…IRONMAN!” The crowds are going wild […]

One Hundred Hundreds

adventure by Shannon Thompson 4 x (25 x 100 yds @ 2:00) 3:00 rest between sets =10,000 yards, 3.5 hours Editor’s note: Clearly this gang can’t wait for open water swim season!

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