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Breakwater Walks

photography by Jim Dugan The Rockland Breakwater is an amazing place for an evening walk.

Bird Dog Of The Day

photograph by Jamie Bloomquist My sup partner tonight. Looking for loons.

The Tuesday 207 Is Back!

painting and text by Jessica Ives Today I’m launching the new format my Tuesday 207 Painting sales will take with…a launching! In late November nine apprentice boat builders from The Carpenter’s Boat Shop hauled two newly built Monhegan Skiffs to the town landing in Round Pond. Each cedar vessel contained within its fair curves months of work and […]

Full Moon And The Mega-Yacht

text and photos by John Ames Out for a walk after supper with a friend we came upon this lovely moon silhouetting the branches above us as we headed down to Wayfarer Marine to see this huge yacht. I don’t know why people get pleasure out of these things. Why don’t they just stay in […]

sun goes down.

photograph via The Coast Is Clear


photographs via The Coast Is Clear

Evening Flare

photograph by Jessica Stammen

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