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text by Jonathan Ives I smiled, quietly closing the front door behind me with the excitement and nervousness of a young teenager sneaking out of the house after curfew. The cold of the early morning air felt like glass in my nostrils but my body was warm from the extra layer of long underwear I […]

Night Hikes

photograph by Joseph Sortwell

Swimmer At The Surface

painting by Jessica Ives The water is warm, the air is cool. Reflections of foliage across the surface help us imagine the pond is a colorful, cozy quilt that surrounds us as we swim. With barely an eye, a nose, a corner of mouth, we peek out from under our cover for a glimpse and a […]

Tastes Like Fall

display by Jo Ellen Designs It’s almost fall! Don’t be-leaf us? Ask the window display!

My Quiet House

by Linda Zeigler In my quiet house I sit like a gray Tabby cat curled into myself on the softest cushion in the sunniest window in my favorite room watching the October sky. Wind swept clouds move like a slow motion story across my mind. Birds flutter round the empty feeder and my lazy heart […]

Tuesday 207: Fly Guys

painting by Jessica Ives I look into my fly box, and think about all the elements I should consider in choosing the perfect fly: water temperature, what stage of development the bugs are in, what the fish are eating right now. Then I remember what a guide told me: “Ninety percent of what a trout eats […]

Leaf Peeping

photography by Jim Dugan Rockland photographer Jim Dugan drove north a couple Sundays ago, chasing peak fall color.

October Windows

photographs by Linda Ziegler

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