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The Harbor

photographs and text by Christopher A. Stanley Once as I was watching the lobster boats at Shaw’s Wharf in New Harbor, I saw a small boat come in carrying a father and son who had been out lobster hauling together.  The boy, probably about ten years old, was dressed in the same orange waders as […]

Will’s Gut

photographs and text by Brett Klein for The American Guide WILL’S GUT – Harpswell, Maine There is something in you that tells you where you belong… it’s your gut. My wife and I returned to our native state of Maine recently to escape an emotional roller coaster, which is trying to sell a 2-bedroom house in […]


photograph and text by Steve Vose The son’s strokes are inexperienced. The father whispers instruction and the paddle digs deeply into the gin-clear waters. The child smiles as the kayak slides effortlessly across the glass calm lake. A brilliant sun crests the horizon, igniting the morning sky. The man having seen a thousand sunrises relishes […]

Tuesday 207: Brothers & Bass

painting by Jessica Ives From the Orvis Guide to Family Friendly Fishing, by Tom Rosenbauer: The first family fishing trip should be a short one. It should be timed carefully to coincide with the very best time of the year for panfish, small bass, or juvenile saltwater species because your goal is for every one […]

Ice Fishing At Kid Only Ponds!

photograph and text by Steve Vose By March, many of the hardwaters of the state have begun slowly returning to their liquid state. This change comes with the longer days of sunlight and temperature that creep well up into the proximity of down right balmy. By March’s end, many favorite fishing spots will be unsafe […]


cover by Jamie Oshima From Jamie: A cover of Ed Sheeran’s song Runaway. Recorded during a 14-hour car on our way back from North Carolina. From Jamie’s Mom: John and I make a cameo appearance in this video; we sat quietly for the whole 18 hours of the drive while he filmed this — love it! The Maine loves the Oshimas!

Last Weekend, This Weekend

photographs by Kathleen Buchanan

Swift Arrow

text by Jonathan Ives Hiding behind a large red oak tree, I can feel the moisture of the soft moss soaking into my khaki dress pants. I hear the voices of my niece and nephew get louder as they run down the trail, calling out my name. My bright yellow shirt gives me away and they run […]

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