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Developing An Eye For Color: Transparency

text by Jessica Ives artwork by Nancy Duncan, Sasha Laurita, and Tom Wright For the past several winters, during the darker, colder weeks between holiday festivities and mud, I have been lucky enough to teach regular classes offering an exploration in color for both adults and children. During this past January, February, and March I once again had the pleasure to work […]

First time at the Farnsworth. Wyeth. Why yes.

photograph by Kathi Bahr

Studio Crawl

photograph and all paintings contained therein by Jessica Stammen If you like what you’ve seen from Jessica Stammen’s Tuesday 207 series and Outsider posts you might be interested in The Farnsworth Museum’s Studio Crawl on the afternoon of Saturday, June 15th. Enjoy being shuttled around in style to visit the working studios of Jessica, Colin […]

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