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Rockland, Maine

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A Kick In The Pants!

photographs and text by Steve Vose It was a long, cold and unforgiving Maine winter, like the kind they had in the days before global warming and Gore-Tex. This calamity of unusual weather weighed heavily on my psyche and was further compounded by my inability to pursue my passion for ice fishing due to a back […]

Maine Sprout

paintings and sketches by Colin Page – wait, no – looks like someone’s taking over for her dad We really enjoy sharing Colin Page’s work here on The Maine. We especially enjoy the new collaborative territory he’s exploring with his daughter, Audrey. Stay tuned for more from this budding young artist. In the meantime, enjoy […]

Advent, Day 11: Adventures of a New Maine Birder

Dear readers, Join The Maine for an adventure a day, each day of this advent season — big or small, by land or sea, with friends or solo, in image or word, exuberant or contemplative, real or conceptual. We live in a state of wonder, its wide open spaces anticipating our hope and joy. Brian Willson has been […]

The Gentleman

My brother is a Navy pilot and his callsign is The Gentleman. He’s currently He was recently deployed in Afghanistan far, far away from his home in Maine. For weeks my family had only the following brief email as assurance of his safety and the unease of a new, mystery location: Just a quick hello! Letting you […]

Maine Sprout

photographs by Elizabeth Noble Editor’s note: We haven’t had a sketch-date from Colin in a while – but for good reason! Colin was hard at work all summer preparing for a solo exhibition of his paintings at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland. The show opened at the beginning of the month, just in time for […]

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