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“Man Shirts” By Duluth Trading Company

text by Steve Vose Duluth flannelĀ is the quintessential fabric of choice for outdoorsmen, mountain men and mullet sporting rednecks across the entire face of the planet. Whether camped out on the Alaskan tundra, chopping firewood in the remote wilds of Maine, or climbing the north face of Mt. Everest, you are sure to find flannel […]

Hello, Again

garments hand sewn by Lisa Dorr of Le Bouton Studio i feel like it has been forever since i have posted. i have not looked up from the sewing machine for a few weeks! thank you to everyone! today i was able to take a few photos of some pieces. images 5 – 10 are […]

We All Have Our Reasons #1016

Recent status update: For the first time in YEARS, we will sleep tonight on new, matching, flannel sheets and under a new comforter…small pleasures!

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