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Portland’s Latest Trend: Food Swaps

text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove for LiveWork Portland Urban Nectah Collectah’s backyard honey and recipe cards.  Cooking, I think, is something of a solitary pursuit. For instance, I might go to a farmers market, privately contemplate a salad of cucumbers, radishes, blueberries, and basil, then return home to test my culinary hypothesis […]

Maine Blueberry & Pecan Coffee Cake

photographs and text by Megan Bedford So, some of you have noticed that I haven’t been exactly diligent about posting over the last few months. In fact, back in May I was plotting out quite the summer for megansmark: I would get creative with the boatloads of veggies from our first real garden, share some […]

There’s Nothing Like ‘Home’ Restaurant Cooking

text by Kaitlin Webber for The Working Waterfront A bountiful harvest of Swan’s Island clams: Arthur Stinson is seated, wearing his gear for the clam flats. Courtesy of the Marion Stinson Collection, Swan’s Island Historical Society. Visitors to Swan’s Island are often shocked by the lack of options when it comes to eating anything that didn’t […]

Little Yellow & Green Salad

photographs and text by Megan Bedford Sometimes I wait too long to make my lunch, and I turn into an evil Jekyll of myself, tearing through kitchen cabinets, greedily slicing off hunks of cheese, and messily assembling weird meals in a kind of delusional haste. Yesterday I had one such hunger squall, but managed to […]

Freeze Warning

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist The National Weather Alert for tonight is for temperatures below freezing. It is mid-October, after all, so this is to be expected. But that chilly blast every time someone opens the front door reminds me how, even though I love living in a boreal habitat, with its mountains, spruces, […]

Party Beans

text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove When I was growing up my mom had a go-to vegetable side dish that originated from an Italian uncle who owned a restaurant in New York City. In other words, it had been stamped with the label “expert.” The dish’s true brilliance, however, was that it was […]

Tuberville: You Say Potato

text by Daniel Stephens The idea of food security is likely one not many of us think about often, but for many Americans it’s a daily concern. Tuberville is an organization dedicated to providing food security to families and individuals in New England. It’s an amazing organization run by a fantastic group of people. You […]

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