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October Windows

photographs by Linda Ziegler

Zucchini Will Not Be Ignored!

photo by Linda Zeigler

Spring Garden

photographs and text by Jo Ellen Designs Until the snow melts and reveals my garden we are feeling very heartened by these colorful wooden veggie ornaments! They come in Orange Carrot, Purple Turnip, Pink Radish, and Tall Red Beet and are available online here. Happy Spring!

Fall Blooming

text by Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors editor Polly Saltonstall Some plants, like blueberries, grow faster after they have been pruned or burned. The stress forces a reaction — a frenetic, last-chance, all-out blooming. Fall has that affect on me. Each day of warm sun seems so extraordinary. Each sail out on the bay feels […]

A Very Bushy Garden And My Pushy Lawn Crew

text and photos by Maine Boats, Homes & Harbor’s Polly Saltonstall It’s that time of year when the garden is growing so fast that I can no longer keep up. Peas finally are done. But beans, beets, peppers, chard, kale, carrots, broccoli, and even eggplant and potatoes are all ready for eating. I checked out […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #58

Polly Saltonstall reminds us:  Standing at the checkout counter at a local greenhouse, I hear the woman in front of me asking how to get rid of this weed in her garden. As she describes it, she and the clerk flip through books trying to identify this “pest.” They stop at the page with sorrel. […]

A Very Small Tree

text and photograph by Jennifer Steen Booher of Quercus Design The only part of my garden that gets weeded regularly are the edges by the front walk. As I go in and out of the house I notice weeds, pull them, and usually leave them on the sidewalk as I run off to my appointment. […]

Back In The Garden At Last

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist Today is my youngest sister’s birthday, and what a beautiful day it is! All morning I rake, exposing tulip leaves to the jubilant sun.

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