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Free An ATV With The “Z”

photographs and text by Steve Vose The hour was late and in attempting to hurry back to camp, I inadvertently misjudged my ATV’s ability to successfully navigate a sizeable mud filled obstruction and was immediately and hopelessly mired. Having suffered through multiple back operations and lacking a wench, I was in the middle of contemplating […]

Stay Warm And Comfortable Fly Fishing This Spring

photograph and text by Steve Vose After long months of inactivity, anglers anxious to fly fish open waters would be well served to make a pilgrimage to Grand Lake Stream (Delorme’s The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer (MAG), Map 35, B-4). Open April 1st to fly fishing only, hoards of anglers descend upon the stream, drunk […]

The Journey

text by Jonathan Ives photograph by Jessica Ives Driving is the norm when you live in rural Maine and want to do anything. We measure distances with time references rather than miles. “How far is it to Lewiston?” “Oh, ‘bout an hour and a half.” I rode my bike five miles to the store last […]

A Kick In The Pants!

photographs and text by Steve Vose It was a long, cold and unforgiving Maine winter, like the kind they had in the days before global warming and Gore-Tex. This calamity of unusual weather weighed heavily on my psyche and was further compounded by my inability to pursue my passion for ice fishing due to a back […]

Beat Mud Season and Blackflies with Armachillo

photographs and text by Steve Vose The fine folks at Duluth Trading Company have gone and done it again, creating yet another fantastic product. This latest creation is a microscopic jade embedded, ultralight weight wicking fabric that actually lowers skin temperature! The clothing containing this space age technology, that I do not even attempt to comprehend, comes […]

Boot Fetish

photographs and text by Steve Vose Maine regular firearms season on deer, barely pushed the mercury low enough to warrant the through testing of my new Irish Setter 800 “Mt. Claw-King Toe” boots. However, by the arrival of Christmas, we were thrust into the deep freeze and the balmy days of November were quickly distant memories. […]

How To Choose The Perfect Waders For Fly Fishing

text by Steve Vose photographs by Kim Gibson Trying to find that perfect set of fly fishing waders can make you almost as confused as a hungry baby at a topless bar. However, don’t let the immense selection of options, sizes and shapes scare you . . . and yes, I am now talking about […]

Are You a Gear Head?

text by Steve Vose Beware of friends, returning from the backwoods of West Virginia, bearing mason jars filled with a clear liquid smelling reminiscent of lighter fluid and possessing the smooth throat pleasing drinkability of crushed glass with an iodine chaser. Hence is the reason, I am currently attempting to write something witty, while lying […]

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