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Cathedral Trail

painting by Jessica Ives The Cathedral Trail is the shortest way to reach the top of Mount Katahdin from Chimney Pond. Hikers follow blue blazes up granite boulders as big as cars. Scrambling up the one and half mile trail with hands and feet, their movement more closely resembles rock climbing than hiking. The 2,350 foot […]

The Rocks at Turtle Head

photographs by Jim Dugan I love rocks but tend to prefer the igneous: granites and basalts. I like their textures, their born-in-fire heritage, the way the glaciers left their plutons rounded as our islands and mountains. Sedimentary rocks mostly have (for me) less appeal. Their birth as ancient muddy seabeds feels less dramatic than those […]

Sand Patterns, Ogunquit, Maine

photographs and text by Jennifer Steen Booher of Quercus Design The beaches at Ogunquit had an amazing variety of patterns left by wind and wave action. I couldn’t stop taking photos of them: Maybe because my home shoreline is so rocky, sand fascinates me. There’s a marvelous blog called Through the Sandglass whose author, Michael Welland, offers up fascinating […]

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