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The British Are Coming

tbt via Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Eastport will be the scene of mock fighting on July 11 and 12 as the community commemorates the 200th anniversary of the capture of Moose Island (Eastport) in 1814. Back in the days when England and the Unites States were fighting over territory in the war of 1812, the […]

Chief Benjamin Pictou, Mi’Kmaq

from the studio of Scott Kelley Wabanaki – Chief Benjamin Pictou, Mi’Kmaq, 2013. Watercolor and gouache on paper, 48” x 34”

We All Have Our Reasons: #762

In a recent email exchange with a new reader of The Maine I learned this: I thought I’d pass along a Maine historical note that I just ran across today. After the Halifax Explosion in 1917, there was a great deal of aid sent from New England. The conventional wisdom is that the vast majority of […]

Ans & Others, My Silent Friends

text by Karen Zimmerman A family group peers at the camera, dressed in their Sunday best. This photo is a souvenir from Sharon Springs, New York, a town that has seen better days. Sharon Springs is a bit rough, just like the unfinished lathes that frame the picture. There are seven people in this photo, […]

Woman Getting Tattoo

via the EQ A woman getting a tattoo of what appears to be Jesus Christ and an angel. Peter D. Jongeleen offered “Electrical Tattoing” at his shop on 320 Fore St., Portland, where this image probably was taken. The woman might be Jongeleen’s wife, Yvonne.

More Memory

photographs from the archive of J.P. Fecteau Boy, Rockport Harbor, 1981 Vinalhaven, 1981 Ingraham’s General Store, 1981 Andre The Seal, Rockport, July 1981 1982

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