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Tuesday 207: The Apple Chapel

painting by Jessica Ives One of my favorite places in the world is Hope Orchards.  A few years back I almost bought a piece of land right across the street from the orchard. Recently, when my brother flew home to enjoy a long, fall weekend in Maine, we visited the orchard and spent an afternoon picking from […]

Not a bad way to end an afternoon of Little League baseball.

  photographs by Jamie Bloomquist

We All Have Our Reasons: Sandy Hook Edition

A recent photo posted on facebook: falling stars. aching for the lives so brutally taken. (credit: Odette Scott)

Hoping For Apples

by Levi Christiansen and Jessica Stammen This is the last weekend for pick-your-own apples at Hope Orchards. One of my favorite seasons is coming to an end. With the exception of last weekend when I drove to New York City in a car provisioned with Macouns picked the Sunday before, Levi and I have been […]

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