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Wild About Wild Weather

photograph and text by Karen Zimmerman Hurricane Arthur was modest by storm standards, but still not your everyday weather. Our hurricane season is officially from 1 June to 30 November, but storms of official hurricane size do not happen every year. I was born during Hurricane Hazel, back when all hurricanes were female, and when […]

Wooden Bowl

photograph and text by Sharon Kitchens Last summer, Hurricane Irene took out a tree in my front yard. The fire department (I was in New Orleans) used chainsaws to clear the part in the road (it was a big tree). For about a week a large stump sat in my yard along with a couple […]


text by Jessica Stammen Almost two months ago I posted an essay I wrote about my time working as a volunteer and artist-in-residence at Ground Zero after September 11th, 2001. This past month I have been busy building a website for a large-scale collaborative artwork that began with the pieces of refuse that covered Lower […]

Hurricane Sandy

 video by Restless Collective  We headed to Boston to ride out Hurricane Sandy on Monday with Mo’s grandmother who lives on the ocean, and we thought we’d share some photographs we made during the storm. Video above produced by Morrigan McCarthy. Music: 10 Mile Stereo by Beach House. Edited by Morrigan McCarthy.


text and poem by Kristen Lindquist Since childhood I’ve had recurring nightmares about water–rogue waves about to carry me under, storms creating waves so high they creep up over the bank and across the lawn to carry away my grandparents’ house, roads or paths flooded and impassable so I’m stranded with water all around me… […]


text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist Hurricane Sandy, Extra-tropical Storm Sandy, Big Huge Storm Sandy, or whatever you want to call it,  is headed our way after already wreaking havoc on the mid-Atlantic states on up. When a big storm system moves through during a migration season, some birders get excited, anticipating unusual southern–even tropical–species […]

What May Come

photographs by David Wright Almost no boats remain in North Haven Harbor as Hurricane Sandy nears. Looking to the east, above; and looking to the west, below.

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