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We All Have Our Reasons: #75

A sure sign of spring in Maine: the local ice cream shack opens before a single leaf buds on any tree. Thanks to Lianne McCluskey for this shot.

Kites And Ice Cream On Beech Hill

 photographs by Anneli Skaar Editor’s note: Back in September I was struck by these photos, taken by Anneli after the Coastal Mountain Landtrust’s “Kites and Ice Cream on Beech Hill” event. The jump of a child, the distance of a kite, the blue of the sky…I wish I had been there! I wanted to share […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #3248

Recent status update from a Bates student: Thing #3248 I love about Maine: It’s 35 degrees outside, and people are lined up for ice cream at Dairy Joy. This is MY kind of state!

Maine Farmland Trust