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Tuesday 207: Waiting On Monhegan

painting by Jessica Ives Soon the Hardy Boat will begin running its route from New Harbor to Monhegan, and soon I’ll be atop the tallest coastal cliffs in Maine, perched and peering south toward Gull Rock, glad to start another summer season. +++ 207 Paintings post everyish Tuesday around 5:30am EST on both The Maine and Save thirty percent on […]

Tuesday 207: Waiting For The Ferry

painting by Jessica Ives “Are you ready?” Klaus asked finally. “No,” Sunny answered. “Me neither,” Violet said, “but if we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives. Let’s go.” — Lemony Snicket, The Ersatz Elevator +++ 207 Paintings post everyish Tuesday around 5:30am EST on both The Maine  and Save thirty percent […]

In The Wild

photograph by Trelawney O’Brien Greens Island, Maine

Tuesday 207: Hardy & Harbor

painting by Jessica Ives This weekend the Hardy Boat will start running ferry service from New Harbor to Monhegan for the 2015 season. I’ll be one of the first on board, making the trip to drop off paintings at the island’s Lupine Gallery. My husband will be a captain on the boat again this summer. As a freshman in high […]

Lunch At The Sand Bar

photograph by Shannon Thompson

Tuesday 207

painting and text by Jessica Ives View auction for “Up The Ramp, Monhegan“ On Monday I will take my last day trip to Monhegan for the season. My favorite walking path starts with the first step off the Hardy Boat and bee-lines to White Head via the graveyard, the lighthouse, and trail #7. The mates on the ferry […]

An Independent Island

share by Polly Saltonstall Journalist Alfred Elden took several photos of Muscongus islanders in the mid-1900s for Atlantic Fishermen, including this one from the Penobscot Marine Museum’s collection, of a woman standing in front of traps and looking defiant, which was what most of the islanders were at that time. Back in 1860, the island […]

Island Ghosts, Zombies And Scaring Oneself Silly

text by Kaitlin Webber for The Working Waterfront The “Cloud House,” Atlantic, Swan’s Island. This was once the home of Walter and Etta Stockbridge Joyce. It is supposedly haunted by their daughter Bernice (1894-1959), who received a brain injury as an infant when Etta fell downstairs while carrying her. The name Cloud House comes from […]

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