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Sweet Maine Shrimp Risotto with Peas

text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove When the ground has long since frozen solid, here in Maine we still have our ocean harvest. And this time of year the most rewarding prize is the tiny pink shrimp. Strangely, I got to know the Maine shrimp best when I was at the well-known East Coast […]

Party Beans

text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove When I was growing up my mom had a go-to vegetable side dish that originated from an Italian uncle who owned a restaurant in New York City. In other words, it had been stamped with the label “expert.” The dish’s true brilliance, however, was that it was […]

Kids Are The Solution To Tigers

photographs and text by Jessica Stammen Editor’s note: In the wake of September 11, 2001 I worked as a volunteer and artist in residence at Ground Zero in Manhattan. St. Paul’s Chapel, the little fieldstone church that escaped the morning’s disaster unscathed despite its location across the street from the WTC, was my church at […]

Duck Egg Carbonara

text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove Of all the popular Italian dishes in America, spaghetti carbonara is among the most misunderstood. Practically synonymous with “pasta and cream sauce” here in the states, the traditional Roman recipe relies solely upon raw egg and grated cheese for its silky coating. Juicy cubes of smoky pancetta, […]

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