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8 Maine Artisans I’m Supporting This Holiday Season – Artfull Gifts Show 2013

text by Jess Smith Hello, my name is Jess Smith and I am a craft show widow. For the past few weeks my husband has been living in his studio (which, luckily, is at our house) in preparation for the Artfull Gifts holiday craft show. It’s an annual, weekend-long show featuring 50 high-end Maine artisans and this was his […]

Louise Nevelson

from the EQ My total conscious search in life has been for a new seeing, a new image, a new insight. This search not only includes the object, but the in-between place. The dawns and the dusks. The objective world, the heavenly spheres, the places between the land and sea…Whatever creation man invents, the image […]

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