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Too Much Of A Good Thing

text and photograph by Jonathan Ives Two times a week I work at the Camden Snow Bowl teaching fourth graders how to snowboard. The hardest part of the day is not learning how to get on the chairlift or how to move with one foot strapped in. It’s when the kids change out of their […]

The Gentleman

My brother is a Navy pilot and his callsign is The Gentleman. He finished his first deployment this past fall and is currently stationed on base in Washington State. On a his week long leave The Gentleman takes a redeye flight from west coast to east to visit his family. Mom and Dad pick him […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #21

Recently Overheard in Portland:   Hipster 1: “Why doesn’t LL Bean brew beer?” Hipster 2: “Yeah, that would be really popular…” Hipster 1: “But I guess we know how it would taste–like a boot.” (Overheard by AW at Hilltop Coffee Shop)

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