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text and photograph by Jonathan Ives I smiled as I saw a familiar white truck parked at the town landing. I pulled up next to it and looked over at Travis. At six foot seven inches he must have weighed over three hundred pounds. Most folks around town just called him Tiny. He pulled his […]

The Harbor

photographs and text by Christopher A. Stanley Once as I was watching the lobster boats at Shaw’s Wharf in New Harbor, I saw a small boat come in carrying a father and son who had been out lobster hauling together.  The boy, probably about ten years old, was dressed in the same orange waders as […]


text and photograph by Jonathan Ives Leaving the red nun off to my starboard, I think of the old maritime adage red right return as I pull back on the two throttles and slowly bring the boat into the harbor. The wind direction and the tide flowing out has all the lobster boats and sailboats […]


photograph by David Wright

We All Have Our Reasons: #3986

A doctor posts on Facebook: Direct quote from a 93 year old patient who, by the way, still goes lobstering: “I don’t have time for pain.”


photograph by David Wright

Waiting For The Tide…

painting and text by Colin Page These days my painting schedule is set primarily by my children. I only have a few hours in the morning of most weekdays, and a bit of nap time in the afternoon. It makes for a broken day, but I enjoy my mornings. Knowing I only have a few […]

Docked In Friendship

painting and text by Colin Page I spent the day painting in Friendship last week and was happy to have this lobster boat park himself right in front of what I wanted to paint. I did check with the lobsterman to make sure he wasn’t just tempting me with a fun scene before driving off […]

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