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Ans & Others, My Silent Friends

text by Karen Zimmerman A family group peers at the camera, dressed in their Sunday best. This photo is a souvenir from Sharon Springs, New York, a town that has seen better days. Sharon Springs is a bit rough, just like the unfinished lathes that frame the picture. There are seven people in this photo, […]

Island Romance In The Days Of Party Lines And Record Hops

text by Kaitlin Webber for The Working Waterfront As the days warm, the crocuses sprout, peepers peep and my lawn begins to fill with deer poop, it seems the season has finally changed. Earlier this week, the first tick of the year burrowed into my shin with cheerful tidings—don’t worry, Mom, it wasn’t on for […]

Following The Kansas Road

photographs and text by Karen Zimmerman It is Kansas Road, not Yellow Brick, which takes us to another world. Dorothy followed the yellow brick road and landed in Oz. We stuck bikes on our car and found ourselves on Kansas Road, light years from Otter Creek. Every year we go to a smelt fry in […]

Hulls Cove, October 26, 2012 (Beachcombing series No.67)

photographs and text by Jennifer Steen Boher of Quercus Design Hulls Cove, Maine; October 26, 2012 (Beachcombing series No.67) The first new Beachcombing series in six months! I don’t know why it took so long to pull together, but I’ve been moving these pieces around on my light table since early November. It was a […]

chris rollins, monheagan native, digging grave for summer resident.

photograph via tons of land

Tripping Over History Every Day

text by Kaitlin Webber originally published by The Working Waterfront Tintype of Solomon Barbour, 1815-1896. Barbour moved to Swan’s Island in the early 1800s and was a baker with his own shop.Photo courtesy of the Brad Ames Collection, Swan’s Island Historical Society. One of the tougher aspects of being a newcomer to an island is keeping […]

Islands, It Turns Out, Are ‘Character’ Magnets: Remembering Clyde Torrey and His Four-Wheeled Summer House

text by Kaitlin Webber originally published by The Island Institute’s Working Waterfront As a kid, I wanted to be normal. Anything that kept me away from this ideal—namely, my parents—was a threat. Middle school can be rough, and the closer I was to everybody else, the easier life would be. It took me a while to […]

Woman Getting Tattoo

via the EQ A woman getting a tattoo of what appears to be Jesus Christ and an angel. Peter D. Jongeleen offered “Electrical Tattoing” at his shop on 320 Fore St., Portland, where this image probably was taken. The woman might be Jongeleen’s wife, Yvonne.

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