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poem by Dave Morrison, included in his new collection of poems, Shake Hands With Your Heart, coming out in January We’ve got Trouble now, but there’s always been Trouble; so we keep making babies with enormous capacity for love and few bad habits, we keep falling in love, there are still trees, the moon and the […]

True Love

haiku by Kristen Lindquist At the lecture elderly couple holds hands the entire hour.

On Memory, Missing, And Loving

paintings and text by Jessica Stammen I have two brothers. I miss them; but I love them more. One brother lives in Austin, Texas with his wife. The other lives on Whidbey Island, in the Puget Sound; he flies a jet for a living and can chase down the earth’s horizon faster than the sun. […]

Hands, Heart & Head

porcelain vessels by Simon van der Ven No Knead Bread  I understand this recipe came from a NYTimes article. I received it from friend, Janet Redfield. It’s quick, easy (with some forethought and planning), and has brought us great pleasure and satisfaction. I hope it does the same for you. Ingredients: 3 cups bread flour* 1/4 […]

Tit Music

photographs and text by Brian Willson Ah, early February. Still we’re mired in deep winter, but the photoperiod is noticeably lengthening, bald eagles will soon be building nests, and tits have begun to sing their songs of love. Certainly you’ve all heard the music I’m referring to on crisp, sunny mornings exactly like this one. […]

How Baseball Saved My Marriage

poem by Kristen Lindquist Editor’s note: This poem was read by Garrison Keillor on the June 12th broadcast of The Writer’s Almanac. Listen here. Congratulations Kristen, you’ve become quite a regular on this radio show! One happy hour drink in Orono and now I’m driving up the Penobscot just for kicks, past the bridge to Indian […]

Memorial Day

by Jessica Stammen This Memorial Day takes on new meaning for me. My brother Greg was deployed to Afghanistan three weeks ago. He flew out under the light of the supermoon and we’re not sure when he’ll be home. I do not get involved in politics (which I guess is a form of involvement in […]

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