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Maine Maple Sunday

photographs by Jim Dugan The best thing about Maine Maple Sunday is standing in that sweet steam. The worst thing is all the frost heaves on those backroads.

Sugar Shack

photographs and text by Jennifer Steen Booher Sunday was Maine Maple Sunday, a fairly brilliant campaign organized by the Maine Maple Producers Association. On the fourth Sunday in March, sugarhouses all over the state open to the public, offering tastings, demonstrating the process, and generally having a sweet time. A lot of smaller operations aren’t on the […]

The Sound Of Spring

video, photograph, and text by Polly Saltonstall Hear the sound here Some people think frost heaves are the first sign of spring in Maine. I think spring starts much sooner, when the maple sap runs. There’s nothing quite like the first little rush of cold, sparkly liquid out of a freshly installed spile, and the […]

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