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The Long Run

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson This is the big weekend, long bike Saturday followed by long run Sunday. I have a rigorous week to come, but then my taper starts. All the hay is in the barn, as they say. Oh shit, I say. This is as good as I’m going to get. I will have to […]

Learning To Stay, To Climb, To Practice

paintings and text by Jessica Stammen On this day last year I was driving home, winding the opposite direction of downeast, traveling up-west along the coast of Maine from Acadia to Camden. Three days of adventuring in the national park with a crew of designers, marketers, and athletes from Northface had my body buzzing and […]

Sky Above, Sea Below

photograph by David Wright Despite concretely being seascapes, there’s a powerful strain of kind of figurative abstraction in the use of the sky, particular as the lines and weight of the clouds are offset or underpinned by the movement of the sea. This idea is, I think, reinforced by the sequencing of the images that […]

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