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And The Fog Rolled In

photographs, painting, and text by Ingrid Ellison Personally, I love the fog, it takes me back to my very early childhood, having spent many a day stuck on a boat with my family  waiting for the fog to lift. While we sat on our mooring, my brother and I would pretend to be puppies on […]

Wild About Wild Weather

photograph and text by Karen Zimmerman Hurricane Arthur was modest by storm standards, but still not your everyday weather. Our hurricane season is officially from 1 June to 30 November, but storms of official hurricane size do not happen every year. I was born during Hurricane Hazel, back when all hurricanes were female, and when […]


poem by Dave Morrison from the new book Stethoscope, which will be released on 2/28 The siding salesmen came through just as the pre-retirees grew tired of painting the once-grand Victorians their parents left them. To the practiced eye the scar tissue of change is visible along the river; the rotted water wheel, the blackened […]

The Old Apple Tree

text and photographs by John Ames This photograph is of an old apple tree growing on the edge of my brother’s field near Rockport Harbor. A week or so ago, one of its main branches broke in an ice storm and now lies twisted, touching the ground. My brother’s wife will probably get him to cut […]

Simple Strawberries

text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove One thing I find truly satisfying is traveling by a strawberry field in late June or early July, windows down if in the car, and drinking in the sweet aroma of ripe berries. For all our human attempts to recreate, bottle, and aromatherapy this essence, I don’t […]


haiku and text by Kristen Lindquist Many years, even decades, ago, there was a landslide up on the north end of the Mount Megunticook ridge line. I don’t remember it happening, but growing up it was always very noticeable from a distance: it left a long stony scar down the upper slope. Over the years […]

Butter Buds, Old Friend

photograph and text by Megan Bedford When I was a kid, I had a little thing for Butter Buds. My favorite way to enjoy the powdered butter flavoring was sprinkled atop a pile of freshly steamed broccoli. Where usual butter was sure to slither off moist crucifers into a free-ranging plate puddle, Butter Buds would […]

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