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Fields Going To Seed, Schooners Wrapped In Plastic

haiku by Kristen Lindquist photograph by Jamie Bloomquist A day of sparrows in fields going to seed leaves red and falling +++ Fall leaves prayer flags. On the front porch Buddha contemplates a pumpkin. +++ Walking through Camden’s Harbor Park and Amphitheatre this afternoon, the signs of coming cold were gathering with the fallen leaves. […]

Tuesday Tune: Hermit Thrush

 photograph by Brian Willson Hermit Thrushes arrive early around here, and leave late. I hadn’t seen any since fledgling season—at which point they grow quiet and even more secretive than usual—until today. In our mid-afternoon hike up the hill this glorious fall day (along with about three dozen other people and a half a dozen […]

Migrating Shorebirds

haiku and photographs by Kristen Lindquist Popham Beach State Park– the fisherman and I marvel at the sandpipers.


haiku by Kristen Lindquist Milkweed blooming now, but no Monarchs here yet. Not yet.

Advent, Day 11: Adventures of a New Maine Birder

Dear readers, Join The Maine for an adventure a day, each day of this advent season — big or small, by land or sea, with friends or solo, in image or word, exuberant or contemplative, real or conceptual. We live in a state of wonder, its wide open spaces anticipating our hope and joy. Brian Willson has been […]

Ducktrap Salmon

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist One great thing about my job with Coastal Mountains Land Trust is that every now and then they let me out of the office to spend time on one of our conservation properties. Our Ducktrap River Preserve has long been one of my favorite places. Late this afternoon a group […]

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