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Mount Battie

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist Mount Battie looms out the window of both my house and office. How busy must I have been today not to register such a presence? Almost twilight I realize I haven’t noticed the mountain all day.

The View From Mount Battie On Sunday

photograph by Jim Dugan Editor’s note: Jim swears he could see me when I took the photo shared in the previous post — and from the looks of his clear and sparkling photo above, I think maybe he did! “I could see Monhegan from the top of Mt. Battie today. I THOUGHT that was you out there.” Here’s to the […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #765

Michaela Coleman reminds us of the most urgent, and orienting activities when returning home: Perfect first day in Maine. Picked blueberries on mount Battie then went for a swim in Megunticook. Feels good to be home.  

Good Morning World

photograph by Ingrid Ellison

Mt. Battie Sunrise Workout

an adventure a day for the month of December by Shannon Thompson For 12/4, 124 reps each: Squats Push-ups Walking lunges Sit-ups Tricep dips Plus a 124-second plank with four instances of cheating.

We All Have Our Reasons: #2013.90

Easter sunrise, the ninetieth sunrise of the year, on top of Mt. Battie. Captured by Karen Hansen.

We All Have Our Reasons: #2013.69

Sixty-ninth sunrise of the year, on top of Mt. Battie, captured by Karen Hansen

We All Have Our Reasons: #2013.1

First sunrise of the new year, from Mount Battie, captured by Karen Hansen:

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