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Cleaning Up The Islands

photos by Jim Dugan The Maine Island Trail Association has a somewhat mixed mission: stewardship of Maine islands but also access. The stewardship part includes organized cleanups and a network of volunteer island “Monitor Skippers” who check the islands regularly. Photographer Jim Dugan went along on a cleanup of Muscongus Bay last week. Five boatloads […]


photograph and text by Jonathan Ives Standing at the bow I feel a weight slide off my shoulders as I put the final hitch in the mooring line. The last two days were a test of my seamanship skills. A gale passing through resulted in 13 foot seas with wind gusts up to 50 miles […]


photograph by Jonathan Ives

Crossing The Bar

text by Jonathan Ives The semi dory bounced in the chop as I slowed the boat and raised the outboard. I was in a foot of water and could clearly see the ocean floor all around my boat. I lunged for the spare oar and tried to paddle against the cold northwest wind, but it […]


text and photograph by Jonathan Ives Leaving the red nun off to my starboard, I think of the old maritime adage red right return as I pull back on the two throttles and slowly bring the boat into the harbor. The wind direction and the tide flowing out has all the lobster boats and sailboats […]

Open Doors Of Maine

text by Jonathan Ives Last Saturday I drove down to Round Pond to meet up with my best friend Adam. He’s getting married in two weeks and a group of close friends decided to have his bachelor party out on an island in Muscongus Bay. We all grew up in the area and felt refreshed […]

Muscongus Sunday Afternoon

photographs by Jim Dugan

Tuesday 207

paintings by Jessica Stammen About these paintings:¬†Twice I have flown Cape Air from the tiny Owls Head airport to Boston. The tiny prop plane seats eight. On both flights I’ve been lucky enough to sit up front next to the pilot. What an amazing perspective on this utterly beautiful landscape I get to call home. […]

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