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Baby Birds Are Bustin’ Out All Over

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist As I stand here at my desk, three young crows are whining in the driveway, begging one of their parents for food. They’re full size and look almost exactly like the adult bird, except their gapes–the insides of their bills–are bright red, and the gape flanges along the edges […]

Baby Peregrine Falcons

photograph, video and text by Atlantic Climbing School On June 1st ACS owner Eli Simon along with ACS guide Grant Simmons assisted Acadia National Park staff in banding three juvenile peregrine falcons. These birds are the fastest animal on the planet and can dive up to 250 mph! They commonly nest on exposed cliffs, which […]


photograph by Brian Willson Editors note: When Brian suggested this photo for a new installment of his Maine Bird Report column here on The Maine, I wrote back that I had never heard of an ovenbird. Brian was good to respond with the following: This might be the first time you’ve heard OF an ovenbird, but […]

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