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Book Of Days

haikus by Kristen Lindquist Early Morning, Sound Of Feathers I hear wings flapping but fall back asleep too tired yet for the divine. Just Before Dawn Just before dawn a single crow caws– I’m not the only one awake. Sounds Like Spring End of summer– in the backyard phoebe calling again. Night Bells Buoy bell […]

Another Day In June

paintings and text by Ingrid Ellison stranded in the studio chasing an idea that has been percolating for months beginning with one novel: We the Drowned and ending with another: Moby Dick in between there were a lot of experiments false starts and drawings of waves and nets and shipwrecks of night skies and cast lines of […]

For me, feeling insignificant is synonymous with freedom

photograph by Matthew Mychack

The North Atlantic

painting by Scott Kelley The North Atlantic, a new painting – in six parts, each 10 x 14 inches – will be shown at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, opening May 1st. It is based upon a group of small books I found in the special collections branch of the Providence Public Library, which has […]

Tuesday 207: Spring Break Snorkel

painting and text by Jessica Ives It’s only the last week of February but already I’m leaning forward, anticipating Daylight Savings Time, longer work days in a studio full of natural light, and increasing birdsong out the window. More wind chill advisories and snow may come, and I may not be traveling anywhere tropical in the month […]

Crossing The Bar

text by Jonathan Ives The semi dory bounced in the chop as I slowed the boat and raised the outboard. I was in a foot of water and could clearly see the ocean floor all around my boat. I lunged for the spare oar and tried to paddle against the cold northwest wind, but it […]


text and photograph by Jonathan Ives Leaving the red nun off to my starboard, I think of the old maritime adage red right return as I pull back on the two throttles and slowly bring the boat into the harbor. The wind direction and the tide flowing out has all the lobster boats and sailboats […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #597

Island hopping friends and enjoying the last days of summer: (Photo credit: Anna Wind)

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