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We All Have Our Reasons: #6

Recently Overheard in Portland: One old salty dog to another: “Fish n’ chips? Fish n’chips? Why you gettin’ fish n’ chips instead of chili?” Second salty dog: “It’s Friday. Gotta eat fish on Friday.” First salty dog: “No you don’t! Ain’t no pope: you can eat chili!” (Overheard by Mindy at Three Dollar Deweys)

We All Have Our Reasons: #21

Recently Overheard in Portland:   Hipster 1: “Why doesn’t LL Bean brew beer?” Hipster 2: “Yeah, that would be really popular…” Hipster 1: “But I guess we know how it would taste–like a boot.” (Overheard by AW at Hilltop Coffee Shop)

We All Have Our Reasons: #1023

Recently Overheard in Portland: Woman (buying two pumpkins, a peck of apples, and cider) : “I just love fall!” Man behind counter: “Fall is all right, I just don’t like what comes next.” Woman: “You could say the same about living, and I try to enjoy that.” (Overheard by JR at the Westbrook Farmer’s Market)

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