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River Run

paintings, photographs and text by Jessica Stammen The other night I had a dream. I was paddling on a river. It was not too wide, but also not small enough to be a stream. I was with two friends – a woman and a man, an old friend and a new. We were very near […]

Is There Any Other Way To Be?

text by Jessica Stammen photographs by many My enjoyment of an activity can be gauged simply and directly. Snap a picture of me mid-motion and if I’m smiling, great, I’m having a good time. If, however, you catch me with mouth wide enough to fit a fist, nose scrunched, and laughter so apparent your eyes […]

“Skiing” Penobscot Bay

photograph and video by Thorfinn Expeditions text by Thor Emory This morning I grabbed our Epic V-8 surfski and headed out for an hour and a half. I intended to just travel around my buoy loop off Lincolnville Beach but as I paddled into the freshening NW breeze, I was enticed to run off across Penobscot Bay for the […]

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