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photograph by Jonathan Ives

Boatyard Abstraction

photographs by Gregory Dunham Boatyard Abstraction I Boatyard Abstraction II Boatyard Abstraction III These three Boatyard Abstractions are now framed and available for purchase at the Tarratine Gallery at 5 Main St. in Castine. They are 20 x 24 inch digital inkjet prints using archival paper and inks. They are framed in a black wood frame, matted with an 8 […]

Boatyard Abstract

photographs by Gregory Dunham

The Beauty of Rust and Decay on the BML Railroad

photographs and text by Gregory Dunham When I first moved to Maine in 1987, Belfast had an operating railroad. The Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad shared the waterfront with a small boatyard and several other small businesses. It had an engine house and a turntable, part of which is visible in the following image. There was a […]

Boatyard Abstraction

photographs by Gregory Dunham Happy New Year from The Maine. May we all take a cue from artist Gregory Dunham, transforming the old with eyes that search out new and undiscovered beauty.


photographs by Gregory Dunham

Boatyard Abstraction

photograph by Gregory Dunham

Morning Composition

photographs by Levi Christiansen Levi recently relocated to Maine; in a former life he was a photographer.

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