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Too Much Of A Good Thing

text and photograph by Jonathan Ives Two times a week I work at the Camden Snow Bowl teaching fourth graders how to snowboard. The hardest part of the day is not learning how to get on the chairlift or how to move with one foot strapped in. It’s when the kids change out of their […]

Shannon’s Raucous Ruckus

photography by Jim Dugan Shannon Lynn Thompson of Camden tries to celebrate her birthday every year with a fundraising party. This year, it was “A Raucous Ruckus” at the Blue Goose in Northport. The band was Ghost of Paul Revere and photographer Jim Dugan ran a raucous photo booth. Here are some of his photos.

Something Completely Different

Photographer Jim Dugan really does run the gamut of Maine, from pretty waterfalls to, well, just take a look. These are the roller-derby ladies of Rock Coast Rollers raising funds in their annual Milli Vanilli Lip Sync Contest at Trackside Station in Rockland. The music was all over the map but humming “Proud Mary” from […]

Tomorrow Night Don’t Miss The…

For more info, email or call (207) 607-3121. Can’t make it tomorrow night? Visit Summer Work, a pop up art exhibit by Jessica Ives and Margaret Rizzio at The Good Supply, open Wednesday through Sunday, 10am – 6pm, through August 31st. If you enjoy the Tuesday 207 or Dear Maine features on The Maine you will enjoy this show!

The EQ At Vinfest

text by Emily Qualey photographs by C.A. Smith Photography for Maine Magazine Worked VinFest on Friday night. The Commodores played Brick House. That dude in the picture above is the epitome of why I love fancy events in Maine. I spent most of my time between the ridiculous dinning room and the kitchen. Fun and feathers!

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