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Tag: perception

Double Vision

photographs and text by John Ames Cleaning Our Windows We all have to do this occasionally don’t we? Step back, slow down and scrub off the misguided beliefs that cling to our psyches like barnacles. It becomes high time to get rid of the grime of outdated prejudices and cut back the creeping tentacles of self-doubt. […]

Day 1

poem by Dave Morrison Editor’s note: This poem is reposted from Dave’s Facebook feed. It was accompanied by his note: “Friends, Today is Day 1 of Course 1 (chemo & radiation).” Day 1 is a poem from Dave’s book, Brand New Day, published by JukeBooks in 2007. Day 1 I woke up on Day 1 and held my […]

Through Glass Darkly

photograph and text by John Ames Preconceived judgements often make it to hard understand things clearly.

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