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A Color Of The Sky

photograph by Jenna Lookner What I thought was an end turned out to be a middle. What I thought was a brick wall turned out to be a tunnel. What I thought was an injustice turned out to be a color of the sky. — Tony Hoagland, from “A Color of the Sky” Photo taken […]

Advent, Day 17: Flying over Upper Penobscot Bay

Dear readers, Join The Maine for an adventure a day, each day of this advent season — big or small, by land or sea, with friends or solo, in image or word, exuberant or contemplative, real or conceptual. We live in a state of wonder, its wide open spaces anticipating our hope and joy. Back in September we […]

We All Have Our Reasons #1613

Recent photo from Penobscot Island Air: Here are some numbers for you. On one busy day last week, Penobscot Island Air operated 52 revenue flights moving 88 passengers, 212 freight packages, 950 pounds of mail, and 13 boxes of groceries. All of this with three airplanes and 300 gallons of fuel.

The People Behind The Plane

photograph and text by Karen Zimmerman An excerpt from Maine Vanities, a collection of essays about the people and stories behind vanity license plates. FLY_180 Gary and Maureen Norris The white Cessna 180 bobs and shifts on the sparkling waters of Moosehead Lake. Gary Norris and his wife Maureen pull their canoe off the pontoons and tie […]

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