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Next Goal Ties

photographs and text by Jonathan Ives Every winter The Carpenter’s Boat Shop sets up a hockey rink on a small pond in New Harbor. Built with 2x6s screwed into a 2×4 base, the height of the rink is just enough to keep the puck in and the snow out. Still, it’s a lot of work […]

Heaven At One Painter’s Hand

paintings, photographs, and text by Jessica Ives Painting is a matter of getting out to nature and having some joy in registering it. If you are not going to get a thrill, how can you give someone else one? Charles Hawthorne + Do you see this photo? I love it, but that doesn’t mean you […]

Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Ives I’m working on an essay right now and it ties together thoughts about my current painting practice, quotations by Charles Hawthorn and Barry Lopez, my love of play, and a recent magical visit to Grafton Notch State Park’s Screw Auger Falls. This painting, a memory from that visit, contains all my thoughts expressed in pigment. It is […]

Waiting On Bridges

text and photographs by Jonathan Ives originally published by Happier Outside Wiscasset is known up and down the coast of Maine as the place to avoid during peak summertime traffic. All drivers along Route One are held up by pedestrians crossing the street, aimlessly shopping, and waiting in line for a lobster roll from Red’s Eats. […]

Pilobolus Outdoor Umbrella Project Comes to PopTech

originally posted by PopTech The 2012 PopTech conference begins tomorrow, Thursday, in Camden. PopTech brings together a global community of innovators from many fields to share insights and work together to create lasting change. Pilobolus is a venerable modern performance company that convenes groups of diverse artists to create athletic, collaborative works on stage and screen using […]

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