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Maybe She’s Thinking Of Marigolds

via Overheard In Portland Enthusiastic middle-aged tourist lady, examining a gross-looking seagull feather on the sidewalk: “Who needs to go to India where they throw roses? There are feathers everywhere!” (Overheard by ZWH on Congress Street)

Hate Crime

via Overheard In Portland Woman, earnestly: “I like those wood carvings, but I feel that they are a hate crime against trees.” (Overheard by JR at First Friday Art Walk)

Portland Food Swap This Tuesday!

Grilled Lamb with Tzatziki

photographs, text, and recipe by Megan Bedford When I was young and stupid, I had a lamb incident. Not unlike a moon-eyed freshman at her first college keg party, I did not yet know my limits with lamb, and as an enthusiastic eater I was an easy target. It was the summer of 2003, and […]

Woman Getting Tattoo

via the EQ A woman getting a tattoo of what appears to be Jesus Christ and an angel. Peter D. Jongeleen offered “Electrical Tattoing” at his shop on 320 Fore St., Portland, where this image probably was taken. The woman might be Jongeleen’s wife, Yvonne.

We All Have Our Reasons: #2239

Overheard in Portland: Man to woman: “It’s cute in San Francisco. It’s not cute in Portland, Maine.” Woman to man: “Patrick! Yes it is!” (Overheard by IWH on Exchange Street)

Gentlemen Of The Road

Bravo Maine and bravo Mumford & Sons. You rocked Portland last night.

Like The Water: All Roads Lead To Maine

Like the Water is a film that was co-written by Caitlin FitzGerald and Caroline von Kuhn and developed, produced, directed, shot, and edited by a team of women artists.  Like the Water follows Charlie, a young journalist, as she returns to her hometown of Camden, Maine to write and give the eulogy at her childhood friend’s memorial. […]

Maine Farmland Trust